5 Diet Mistakes You Make And How To Avoid Them


Are you cutting down on your food but still battling to lose weight? Discover how to make a proper success out of it.

1. You are delusional

Those little ‘extras’ soon add up. Keep a daily food diary for a week and write everything that you eat and drink. This should help identify where those extra calories are coming from.

2. You’re a perfectionist
If you stick to a diet too rigidly without any treats, you’re likely to fail. Nutritionists recommend that we aim for the 80/20 rule, be good 80 percent of the time and you should succeed.

3. You’re lulled into a false sense of security
Just because you’ve swapped to a reduced-fat version, it doesn’t mean you can have more. And taking the low-fat or reduced sugar option then having treats later on because you feel like you’ve “earned” them is banned too. Keep tabs on your calorie intake.

4. Your diet is dull
If your idea of a diet is to live on cheese and salads you will soon get bored. Eat a range of food to keep you motivated- Check out a recipe books for inspiration and get cooking. Your spirit is pepped up and you are creating or reinventing to suit your taste buds as well as calorie intake.

5. You overindulge in “healthy” foods
Healthy eating is not the same as weight-loss eating. To lose weight you need to be calorie and portion conscious as well. Cashew nuts may be healthy, but eating 18 of them will give you around 160 calories


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