7 Odd Bits You Will Never Believe Is Inside Your Body


I can imagine Doctors having the weirdest of laughs when they dreamt up these odd names for certain body bits. No one can really blame them for these because most of these bits are so obscure you will never believe they have names. And as expected the images of the bits are hardly available because most times they are viewed as insignificant.

1. Deaver’s Windows
These are the spaces in the flesh that hold the guts securely in position. The spaces are named after their discoverer, American scientist John Blair Deaver

2. Islets of Langerhans 
These are areas in the pancreas which make a hormone called insulin which controls the speed your body turns food into energy. They are named after eagle-eyed German Doctor Paul Langerhans.

3. Crypt of Lieberkuhn
Also known as intestinal gland. They aren’t crypts where dead bodies are buried. They’re actually tiny pits in the small intestine that produce digestive juices. But you’d be a dead body without them because they’re vital to digest your food.

4. Flint’s Arcade
These are arch-shaped blood vessels in the kidneys and nothing to do with the amusement arcades. They are named after their discoverer, American professor Austin Flint

5. Ferrein’s Pyramid
An area of the kidney above Flint’s Arcade, and is also known as Medullary Ray. These pyramid-shaped bits were named after a french professor of surgery called Antoine Ferrein, who wrote about them in 1746. They’re nothing to do with the pyramids in Egypt and you won’t find a mummy skulking inside one

6. Fibres of Mummery
These are stringy bits inside the teeth. They are nothing to do with mummies or pyramids

7. Verheyen’s Stars
These are the star-shaped veins on the kidney named after Philipe Verheyen who described them in 1699. Verheyen was planning to be a priest but he had an accident and the doctors had to chop his legs off. he was so fascinated by this horrible ordeal that he gave up the priesthood. he stayed to decide to study medicine instead and become a professor

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NOTE: You are free contribute other obscure bits you know I didn’t cover



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