Breathometer: A Device That Can Measure Your Breath Quality And Hydration


The Breathometer, a portable device for people who like to drink but want to be safe about it, is built to use the processing power of your mobile phone to provide an affordable way to allow users check their blood alcohol content. Breathometer founder Charles Michael Yim said that he tried a few different consumer breathalyzers and found none of them convenient because they were too bulky and too expensive. Since most people are not even aware of the availability of consumer breathalyzers, Yim and his team decided to make the device more affordable and accessible for the average consumer.

Initially he developed a portable breathalyzer, then improved to a $100 Bluetooth powered device called Breeze.
Breathometer has announced its next product- a device called Mint, which can measure your breath quality and hydration.


  • Simple Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Portable easily fits in a pocket or purse
  • Sensors to measure hydration and breath quality levels
  • Gain insights to see if your daily habits are making an impact
  • Track your results to identify trends or preventive steps

Like its predecessor breathalyzers, Breathometer has turn to  crowd funding site Indiegogo to find backers for Mint. It is going for $99, but the first 500 backers can get a discounted rate of $89.

Oral health can be a pretty indicator of your overall health. The company hopes that by making people more aware of it, they can improve the quality of their lives

– Charles Michael Yim


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