Solar-powered Drones that can beam Internet access down to people from the sky


As popular as the internet may be, the statistics released by the International Telecommunications union estimates that about 4 billion people not yet using the Internet and more than 90% of them are from the developing world.

But contrary to this development, a few people are working tirelessly to ensure that the world is more open and connected, one of such people is Mark Zuckerberg.

A few days ago, at the f8 conference, an announcement was made about solar-powered drones (unmanned aircraft) that can beam internet access down to people from the sky. The most exciting is that it can stay at incredible heights for many months at a time.

This will be a solution to many countries in Africa as well as other developing countries in other continents. This drone is similar to Google’s Project Loon, where high flying balloons beam down WiFi to areas without internet.
Our fingers are crossed that Project Loon, and Facebook meet their aim of connecting the world and giving us of course open source Internet.



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