The REAL story of the young guys that once hacked Facebook.

Facebook inc

A group of young boys Chris Putnam, Marcel Laverdet and Kyle Stoneman, then about 19 years old, hacked Facebook by turning profiles to look like Myspace. Though this hacking was for fun and the idea of Chris to get the attention of Mark Zuckerberg (and maybe get hired at Facebook).

Dustin Moskovitz, Mark’s Best friend and Facebook co-founder contacted him and asked how he had created the worm, what were its characteristics and weaknesses of Facebook. Moskovitz was so surprised that, a few weeks later, Putnam was hired by Facebook, just as he had always dreamed of. 

chris putnam fcbook
Chris Putnam (via Facebook)

During the four years in which Chris Putnam worked for Facebook, before leaving in 2010.

Chris Putnam told the full story as an answer to a question on Quora.


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