Factwide, founded on 14th February 2014, is a platform defined by curated facts and cool stuff.

Facts are interesting pieces of information proven to be true

Factwide shares facts, useful knowledge, latest research and factoids that are mind blowing if you are finding out about them for the very first time.

Curiosity is the same word as inquisitiveness, interest, prying, or questioning. We all possess it and like to explore our environments.

The simple ideas powering Factwide

  1. Facts are everywhere: on billboards, textbooks, magazines, research papers, the internet, Newspapers, observing animals and plants, and just about any possible media we can lay our hands on. Most of the times these facts are seen as “useless information”, in the case where you may not be asked to write about them (in the case of you being a student).
  2. Everybody knows something but nobody know everything. Point here is, you being familiar with a fact does not mean another person is. In such cases feel free to enlighten the other person.
  3. Learn something NEW everyday!: We support fun learning, curiosity and the unending quest for knowledge.


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