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I'm a repeat 29 year old woman living in the lovely heat of West Texas, or somewhere in that general vicinity. I have a very opinionated yet extremely unbiased view of things but I figure, short and to the point is the best way of getting somewhere.


12 Things to STOP Doing if you want Total Control of your Anger.

Take a moment and think about the last time somebody made you angry. What did you do? Maybe you yelled. Maybe you slammed a...

10 Mind-boggling Facts About The Brain

The brain in a simplified Tech term is simply the CPU or processor of the human body. So explore the facts about this super-processor...
first pic uploaded online

14 Famous Internet Firsts that were exceptional in shaping web history

Who sent the first email and when? How about the first tweet ever? Who uploaded the first picture to the internet? Or what the internet was before...

5 Business Lessons to Learn from The Men Who Built America

The Men Who Built America is an eight-part documentary that focuses on five titans of the American industry. The series showed how men like...

Think Different

When last did you do something new for the first time?, or challenged the norm?. Well prior to Apple, there was the giant Microsoft which...