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This Camera can see things Invisible to the Naked Eye

An affordable camera technology being developed by the University of Washington and Microsoft Research might enable consumers of the future to tell which piece...
sal khan

4 Secrets That Made These People Famous

Every of us from the first seconds after being born start to bear love in our soul. We love our mom and dad, our grandmothers...
Microsoft office

Reasons why you should or shouldn’t subscribe to Microsoft Office 365

Just as I was warming up to choosing a Microsoft Office 365 subscription over making a one-time software purchase, Microsoft started giving away a...

21 Outrageous Facts That Will Change Your Idea Of Time

1. Cleopatra lived closer to the building of Pizza Hut than the pyramids. The Great Pyramid was built cerca 2560 BC, while Cleopatra lived around...

Here is what 9 Programmers know, but most people don’t

Have you ever wondered what made Computer Programmers stand out, or had questions about their lifestyle?. A question was asked in a Quora thread...