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Sitophilia: Sexual Arousal Through Food

Some people with fetish for food go to the extent of being sexually aroused or satisfied by it, though in the mythical sense proves...
New Year 2015

Awesome Facts About Year 2015

The awesome facts about year 2015, that you really need to know. And a few other things to celebrate about this new and amazing year.

Internet Throwback: What 14 Popular Websites Looked Like Then And Now

Have you ever wondered what Google or the rest of the internet really looked like back then? The folks at Business Insider found what Facebook,...
Josephoartigasia monesi biggest rodent ever

The biggest rodent to have ever lived looked like a huge guinea pig with...

The biggest rodent that ever lived, which looked like a huge guinea pig and used its big teeth like an elephant does its tusk,...
Friends Humor

Study finds that Awkward Sense of Humor could lead to Dementia

An increasingly twisted sense of humor may actually be a cause for alarm, says a recent study. There is likely a link between a change...