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My name is Elise. I am a passionate writer, extreme sports fan and health and fitness enthusiast, I like to write about history, health, beauty and about interesting facts/myths like why some adore only green gummy bears.



4 Lessons Learned From The Recent TeamViewer Hack

Internet has made a great revolution in our lives from both professional and personal viewpoint. Today, we can talk to friends and business partners who...
Friends Humor

Study finds that Awkward Sense of Humor could lead to Dementia

An increasingly twisted sense of humor may actually be a cause for alarm, says a recent study. There is likely a link between a change...
the bible

5 Most Celebrated Bible Print Typos

Just like any book, the Bible was written by and printed by men, but uniquely inspired by God. There are lots of typos or print...
New Year 2015

Awesome Facts About Year 2015

The awesome facts about year 2015, that you really need to know. And a few other things to celebrate about this new and amazing year.
albert einstein relaxing

5 Proofs Albert Einstein Was A Regular Guy

Life isn't always easy, even when you're a genius. But what else do you have in common with Albert Einstein? A free archive of the...