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My name is Elise. I am a passionate writer, extreme sports fan and health and fitness enthusiast, I like to write about history, health, beauty and about interesting facts/myths like why some adore only green gummy bears.


Kleine-Levin Syndrome, a rare disease that makes “sleeping beauty” a harsh reality

While many of us dream of a few extra hours' sleep due to the pressures of work and family, such an idea is the...

9 Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Becoming more confident is about taking consistent and repeated steps. These strategies will help you stand out of the crowd and boost your confidence...
world tattoos

World Tattoos: The Cultural Angle

Tattoos started appearing in Neolithic times and they were considered as an ancient art. However, the word tattoo or tattow came from the Polynesian...

15 Best Things About Being Close To Your Mom

1. You look forward to going home. You don't even need a holiday or some other occasion. Sometimes you just go home for the...

Think Different

When last did you do something new for the first time?, or challenged the norm?. Well prior to Apple, there was the giant Microsoft which...