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Think Different

When last did you do something new for the first time?, or challenged the norm?. Well prior to Apple, there was the giant Microsoft which...

4 Lessons Learned From The Recent TeamViewer Hack

Internet has made a great revolution in our lives from both professional and personal viewpoint. Today, we can talk to friends and business partners who...

Breathometer: A Device That Can Measure Your Breath Quality And Hydration

The Breathometer, a portable device for people who like to drink but want to be safe about it, is built to use the processing...

Complete Perfection Is Not Even Close To What it Used to be?

The old adage of abstinence which is believed to be the key to staying alcohol and drug free is hardly the most successful successful...

Have You Ever Noticed This About ‘Winnie The Pooh’?

As a child, most of us experienced A.A. Milne's beautiful storytelling, whether our parents read his collection of stories to us by nightlight or...