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I am marketing and technology blogger from Sydney. I write about marketing and tech in general, how they converge and how they affect businesses.


5 Unexpected ways you are Killing your Brain cells

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have a limited supply of brain cells. Sure, the majority of them grow early in life, but some...

This Camera can see things Invisible to the Naked Eye

An affordable camera technology being developed by the University of Washington and Microsoft Research might enable consumers of the future to tell which piece...
Horatio Spafford

It Wasn’t Well With The Writer Of ”It Is Well”

Horatio Spafford is the writer of the popular hymn ''It Is Well''. Looking at the title, one would think it was written at the...

Solar-powered Drones that can beam Internet access down to people from the sky

As popular as the internet may be, the statistics released by the International Telecommunications union estimates that about 4 billion people not yet using...
the bible

5 Most Celebrated Bible Print Typos

Just like any book, the Bible was written by and printed by men, but uniquely inspired by God. There are lots of typos or print...