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I am marketing and technology blogger from Sydney. I write about marketing and tech in general, how they converge and how they affect businesses.




Facebook inc

The REAL story of the young guys that once hacked Facebook.

A group of young boys Chris Putnam, Marcel Laverdet and Kyle Stoneman, then about 19 years old, hacked Facebook by turning profiles to look...

23 Hottest Places To Visit in 2015

It's time to start thinking about planning your dream trip next year. So where should you go? We looked at major developments, cultural trends, and...
beautiful january

12 Facts You Never Knew About January

1. January was called “Wulfmonath” by The Anglo-Saxons as it was the month hungry wolves came scavenging at people’s doors.2. The Romans named it January...

4 Great Stories About Bill Gates Shows What It Is REALLY Like To...

  Microsoft cofounder and world's richest man Bill Gates is universally revered today as one of the greatest philanthropists. But it wasn't always that way. Gates' public...

Eric Schmidt On the Internet’s future: It will disappear

During a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt was asked about the future of the web.   He replied, "I...