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5 Foreign Delicacies That Will Seem Horrible To You

When Private Eye M.I Gutzache was told all he would be paid to do was just sample foreign delicacies, he was delighted because it...
walk of faith dickey

Adrenaline Junkie Queen who holds several world records for performing death-defying stunts

Ever wanted to do something but you are afraid that you'll fail?, Or you just fear the unknown?. Well that's not the case with...
dr Ben Carson

Eight keys of successful people you need to know

Success is not to be measured according to the achievements or wealth of others. Your accomplishments, wealth, good health combined with happiness and peace...
Facebook inc

11 Remarkable Facts you should know about Facebook

Facebook clocked 11 today, and it’s a bigger part of our lives than ever. We spend our free time scrolling through friends and friends of...
the bible

5 Most Celebrated Bible Print Typos

Just like any book, the Bible was written by and printed by men, but uniquely inspired by God. There are lots of typos or print...